Download Section Now Live

Photo of a keyboard key marked 'download'

Great news for JSP churches! The download section on this site is now live...

Already in the download section we have PDFs of ALL the resources for the main JSP programme. That includes the small group materials (which have been extensively re-worked over the summer), together with sermon notes, worship resources and hymn selections for each week. The children's materials and youth resources are also now available.

You will also find a wide range of materials to help plan and prepare for Jesus Shaped People. These are especially helpful for those churches just getting started on the programme. There are flyers, posters, publicity materials and handouts, as well as useful checklists and summary documents for the planning stage.

Please note that the Resources section is password protected! Don't worry, every person from a JSP registered church who needs to access the resources is able to do so. Speak with your Vicar or Minister to have your name added to the 'User List' for your church. Then simply use the login window that appears when you click on 'Resources' to create your account on the site.

Once we have approved your account, you'll be able to use your email address and chosen password to access the Resources section at any time. All of the documents are in ready-to-print PDF format, just click to download to your own computer. A few documents that leaders will need to customise for their own churches are in Word format (choose from Word 2010 or the earlier Word 2007 format).