'Jesus Shaped Angels' Celebration

Photo of the Jesus Shaped Angels celebration at St Martin's Heaton

The latest Jesus Shaped People Celebration took place on Sunday September 28th when the theme was 'Jesus Shaped Angels' - tieing in with the Feast of St Michael and All Angels the following day.

Hosted by St Martin's Heaton, one of the original five JSP 'pilot' parishes, this was the latest of a series of gatherings for churches who are following the Jesus Shaped Programme.

The event was a mix of worship, prayer, teaching, encouragement and fellowship. The worship was a blend of traditional and contemporary, whilst we also had custom-made videos projected onto the rear wall of the church. There was plenty of time for fellowship and chatting over tea and cakes (Thanks to the St Martin's folks for this!).

Head on over to the Gallery section of the site for a whole bunch of photos which capture the vibe of this event!