Six reasons why JSP is an amazing toolkit for your Church

1. It’s based on a concept so simple we wonder why nobody thought of it before

When Jesus first bumped into Peter and Andrew he had two words for them.

Follow Me.

That’s it. No five-point sermon. No theological treatise. No exposition of the finer points of the book of Leviticus. Just a simple command: Follow Me.

And that really is the essence of Jesus Shaped People. It asks what Jesus meant when he said ‘Follow Me’. It looks at what Jesus did – and imagines what it would be like for us to do the same stuff. And it thinks about what the church would look like if we ‘shaped’ what we do around Jesus.

In other words ‘follow me’

2. It’s rooted in real (parish) life

We’ve all seen courses and programmes that are rooted in huge, thriving mega-churches. I don’t know about you, but they just make me feel inadequate…

But what if there was a programme that came from a church that was – you know – ordinary? Even better if it came from a church on a tough housing estate in a northern industrial city!

Step forward Jesus Shaped People

This programme was birthed and developed in one of the toughest and most socially fragmented estates in the country – the Holmewood estate, on the outskirts of Bradford.

And if it works in Homewood…well… you can be sure that this is no ‘ivory tower’ course…

3. It’s free at the point of delivery

Yes, it’s true. We might be cautious enough to hide the resources behind password-protection. That’s because we want to help any potential JSP parish to make the most of the programme – and we can’t do that if we throw the resources around like confetti.

But once you’ve begun the Jesus Shaped People journey, everything – and we mean EVERYTHING – won’t cost you anything. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Did we mention that there is absolutely no cost to you?

4. It’s soooo much more than just ‘another course’

I dunno about you, but over the years I’ve bought a shelf full of courses and programmes. I’ve got boxes, wallets, folders and books filled with courses.

Most of them are sitting gathering dust on a shelf…

So why would we need another one?

We hope that a good look around our website will start to make you realise that Jesus Shaped People isn’t simply another course to ‘do’ – and then forget about.

Instead, what we offer is a church development programme that helps you to reshape everything that you do. For this reason, we take time to work with the clergy and church leaders to ensure that everyone is on-board with the vision of JSP. There needs to be plenty of time to prepare and plan.

Don’t think in terms of pulling this off the shelf and starting next Sunday! That’s not how it works. But if you want something that rewards thoughtful and thorough preparation, then we could be just what you are looking for.

5. It’s got everything you need

Jesus Shaped People doesn’t simply give you a fistful of small group materials (although it does, of course, give you that).

We’ve got everything you could need to run the programme in your church.

Sermon notes for preachers? Check

Resources for worship and song selection? Check

Children’s programme? Check

I meant kids materials from toddlers up to teenagers! Yep, we’ve got that covered.

6. It’s growing and developing all the time

We don’t see Jesus Shaped People as complete. Not at all!

In fact, we’re increasingly aware that we’ve got a lot of work to do to develop and grow the project.

That means constantly honing and improving everything that we’ve created so far. And we’re working on a whole raft of brand-spanking new materials, resources and ideas.

If you like what Jesus Shaped People is now – then just wait until you see what rolls out in coming weeks, months and years…